• 7 Reasons Why Women Should Care About Financial Planning

    In the last 9 years I have worked with hundreds of women who have started small businesses on their own. Whilst many of the business ideas were good and some succeeded in their business venture. I realized they often had not paid serious attention to their family financial planning and protection in the process.

  • Put Stress To Rest

    As a mum and a businesswoman, I've been under all sorts of stress lately, from both home and work. The only upside is that I've inadvertently discovered new ways to put stress aside. Let me share my journey of discovery and some tips with you on how to overcome that overwhelming pressure.

  • Must Watch Video – Relax Breathe #LetGo

    Fantastic campaign for women to #LetGo. Expat Founder Betty Ashman recommends you take time out to listen to the powerful message in this short video


  • Artisanal Market: The Local People x Singapore Land Authority (9th August)

    We love a market who appreciates art makers and hold the same values when it comes to purchasing style as opposed to thoughtless buying! The Local People for the win this 9th August as artists and crafters alongside musicians turn it up at the rooftop of Old St. Andrew’s Mission Hospital. From calligraphy to block printing workshop, there’s […]

  • Wine Hunting @ Month-Long Wine Festival

    Who needs to head to Europe to indulge in fine wine when you can celebrate all things wine at this One Month-Long Festival right here at Wine Lust. They’re here to wife and dine you up with an experience of wine dinners, champagne BBQ and masterclasses for the curious cats while having the chance to soak in […]

  • Pop Up Fairs In Singapore on August 2019

    Here at Singapore Fairs, we’re always on the lookout for something fun, crafty and playful. Check out this post here to get updates on What’s happening, When & Where this August season!